I need your loving - like the sunshine

I need your loving - like the sunshine

Understanding Understanding​​

Where are we?
Who am I?

At the heart of quantum mechanics is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
This establishes a fundamental barrier for accuracy of a simultaneous measurement
of the momentum and a simultaneous measurement of the coordinates of a quantum object

In dark matter
where nothing can be beautiful
where love has no meaning
with no words or images
we cannot be born
I can’t exist

But in brightness
where love is everywhere
where beauty surrounds us
within our words and images
we are ourselves

You and I
Body and mind
Dogma and Paradox

I flicker through the images
reviewing my mind
to make sense

I attempt to understand my world
What is happening?
What it means?

What do my heartbeats tell me?
What does my mind say?
They don’t reply

an electron whispers
that everything is meaningless

You cannot know where you are going and where you are in the same instant
therefore you cannot understand that your understanding is

you are merely
a moment of reproductive life

waiting to die
like the planet you live on
and the species that you are a part of

Everybody’s got to learn sometime