Page Three

What does Page Three mean to you?
What does it mean to me?
And what connection does it have
with art or poetry?

For every day those bouncing bubes
perused by half the nation
prove that the female breast does have
a certain fascination.

To touch or tickle, pinch or stroke
or lick or suck or chew,
what is it that we grown-up schoolboys
really want to do?

And how about the girls themselves,
reclining in the nude,
inferring by their sunny smiles
it isn’t really crude.

Picture the local pig-sty
in some far off village shire
where the great sow lies contented
with her farrow in the mire

And on each spouting nipple
hangs a greedy little piggy.
I think I’ll take the Sporting Times
and marry a girl like Twiggy.