Level Nine


As the needle starts to drop again
in my cybernetic brain,
the voice inside my head tells me
it’s time to flash again.


So I strip down to my nylon skin
and wind my clockwork heart,
then I open up the parcel
which contains my brand new part.


Called The Hooded Cobra Special
it’s designed to hiss and bite,
and it comes in real snakeskin.
It’s an awe-inspiring sight.


It’s got two neon snake’s eyes
which can even flash at night,
and a maker’s guarantee
that it will give the girls a fright.


I fit my cobra into place
and screw it to the mark,
then I don my trusty raincoat
and set out for the park.


There I hide in ecstasy
amidst the shrubs and trees,
with my Hooded Cobra Special
hanging down between my knees.


Look! Here she comes! The coast is clear!
There’s no one else around.
I wonder if she’ll scream and run
or faint without a sound.


Well! Now’s the moment! Out I jump!
The old mack open wide,
revealing a full-frontal
of the deadly sight inside.



There’s something wrong!     It’s fallen off!
It’s lying on the ground!
and she’s st-st-standing there and la-la-laughing.
Oh! I can’t abide that sound.


My face goes red, my legs go weak,
I feel sick inside.
I grab my fallen monster
and I run away and hide.


Alone among the bushes,
in the quiet part of the park,
I stroke my broken cobra
and wait until its dark.


The needle on my flash-dial climbs
slowly up from zero.
It’s time to go back home and watch Flash Gordon
He’s my hero.