I have spent my life reading other people's words and images

There was no other way to learn to be human

​The Final Being

the birth was over
IT  felt safe

Doctors and nurses busied about 
Everything was done to make  
IT  comfortable

IT learned to say
"I am alive!"

IT  cried out
"Look!"                    "I exist!"            "I am real!"

"Laugh with me!"
"Love me!"

IT  learned to understand  IT  self
IT  read the Bible and Works of Shakespeare

IT  attempted prove the impossible
(The existence of  
IT's  own unique identity)

IT  wrote
There is no love                       There is no hope                 There is no beauty

At the sight of the words 
 IT cried out in joy
“Look!"           "I 
do exist!"       "I am real!”

The words did not reply

IT was pathetic in death      The Final Being       IT  was pathetic in death