The Three Throes of Time



Birth Throes
Sperm penetrates egg

move  -  we  -  move
hear  -  we  -  hear
be - we - be

me  -  is  -  me
my name  -  is  -  my name
my meaning  -   is  -  our meaning

Instinct  -  Trauma  -  Instinct


Life Throes
Time teaches Time

Securely secured
within the self-satisfying
same shameful saneness of sanity

IT’s rote mind
individualises memory
to exist beyond a scientific sterility

Exspiring  -  Experimenting  -  Inspiring


Death Throes
Resuming the particulate


Quantum electrodynamics
Excitations of the quantum fields
The most successful of the scientific theories

Light and matter interactivisation
We have never lived
We can never die

Finite  -  Timeless  -  Infinite