IT came from outer space the scientists say,
whilst theologians claim IT came another way.
Nevertheless IT appeared – without a doubt,
at some time in the month of May,
towards the end of a fine spring day.

News of IT’s arrival spread like wildfire.
Fascinated, as ever by the sensational
sightseers arrived in their thousands,
commercial interests moved in,
turnstiles were erected.

All that summer IT’s attraction grew.
Illustrated brochures were printed.
The entrance fees were raised.
The exclusive film rights were sold.
The Government declared IT a national treasure.

But by the autumn IT had started to fade.
Anxious executives held meetings.
“Experts” were consulted.
A screen was placed in front of IT.
By December IT was barely glowing.

On Christmas Day IT died – without a doubt
and when the men removed the screen
there was nothing to be seen
but on the spot where iT had been
glinted a tiny golden coin.