Nothing to IT


Nothing to  IT


                                                                                                                      The Gift Shop at Auschwitz

As another day hangovers into existence
IT finds him observing human beings
with an equanimity and dispassion
she would find impossible

At the centre of Camp Funland-Auschwitz
a waxwork Mengele patrols the ramps
searching for twins and deformities
to aid his precious research

Seven naked dwarfs are standing guard
around the shining glass coffin
in which a decomposing body
awaits its saviour

As another icy winter's day dawns
lines of threadbare skeletons
wait silently in the snow
for morning roll-call.



The future represents an absolute danger
The way forward is a journey of uncharted peril
Only our steadfast courage and endurance
will bring this future to birth


I was nourished to embrase the highest ideals.
Ideals of duty, honour and devotion.
My heart was carefully fashioned
to feel love and sympathy.


Always remember not to harm anyone
Once you do you will harm another
then another, until eventually
you’ll enjoy the experience


We’ll always end up somewhere,
but journeys must be made
and stories must be told.
Choice only exists afterwords

There’s really

Nothing to IT