Hard Lines



The revolutions coming!
The workers will unite!
and in that final struggle
the Left will win the fight!

There’ll be no more exploitation!
There’ll be no more on the dole!
There’ll be no more wealth or privilege
when we reach that final goal!

For the Working Man will master
the forces of production.
There’ll be no more Ruling Classes
with their lying and corruption!

For we’ll smash the Ruling Classes
who think they’re so elite
and we’ll drag them from their mansions
and we’ll hang them in the street!

And we’ll commander those mansions
and we’ll share out all their gain.
There’ll be justice then for everyone!
Each man will have the same!

And each man will love his brother,
but he’ll love the Party too.
For the Party will protect him
and will tell him what to do.

Yes! The Party will direct him,
if he just obeys its call,
and his children’s children’s children
will find nothing left at all.