​Breeding Machines


The parrots peck at the bars
ruffling their plumage
and squawking




Their sounds enable us to become human



What cannot be imitated perfect must die

The unleashed power of the atom will change everything
apart from our ways of thinking




Uniformed in crazy costumes and colours
Secured within shared madness
We think we own the world


A miracle
that I should be alive
to witness such time and place


In her agony
the excrement on her fingers
had soiled the white linen of the bed


Two nurses
drew the blue curtains round
and gently cleansed her wasted body


Oh tell me where is Fancy bred
or in the heart or in the head?
How begot, how nourished?


    Reply, reply     


It is engendered in the eyes,
with gazing fed; and fancy dies
there within the cradle, where It lies


In an advance that removes the need for eggs or sperm
scientists have created synthetic human embryos using stem cells


These embryos resemble those in the earliest stages of human development
The structures do not yet have a beating heart or the beginnings of a brain

but they include cells that could go on to form the placenta and even
 the     embryo  itself




How could you?



Plans to launch  Suicide Pods in Switzerland


     People wishing to end their lives will have access to a new   method:pods that can painlessly end life in a matter of minutes

At the push of a button, the pods becomes filled with nitrogen gas causing the user to fall unconscious within a few moments

The dying person does not suffocate or experience distress

but rather dies of oxygen deprivation after they’ve fallen asleep





The importance is in the moment of creation
That moment when the artist interacts with the