The sun spreads over the green land.
Red deer come down to the plains
where the fireweed grows.

Sage and skullcap appear in the woods.
Flags change colours on the flagpoles.
They are folded away under wedding dresses.

Below the ancient stone castles
wooden crosses sprout in the wheat fields.
Phosphorus bursts bloom high above the hills.

The soldiers march back through the land,
roads moving to the click of their heels,
dust lifting in low clouds.

Sometimes mines take away their boots.
The green faces swell like ripe melons
amidst elderflower and eyebright.

With ancient patience the peasants watch.
In the clover grass they will be finding

black helmets containing rain.

The sun rolls slowly through the blue sky,
indifferent to the shiny black boots
lying crooked beside the road.