In the cool white shower room
I turn on the taps.

The water is warm.
The soap smells of flowers.

I lather my body with care.
This is good soap.

I can see the pressed letters in it.
They are starting to melt away.


Tania and Ilse left this morning.
It was strange to say goodbye.

Almost a relief.
What was it held us together?

I reach for the towel.
Step out onto the tiled floor.

Press the softness to my face.
It smells of disinfectant.


I move through the damp air
to where my dressing gown hangs.

The soft cotton cloth
feels strange against my skin.

On the shelf below the mirror
there is a comb.

A clean brown comb
with the trade-mark stamped into it.


My hair is starting to grow now.
It almost reaches my ears.

A final glance in the mirror.
Time to make plans.

I close the door behind me.
I walk back to the ward.

I adjust my sleeve
to cover the tattoo.