In the beginning was the sound

Middle English from ecclesiastical Latin biblia (the books)
Originally a diminutive of biblos (papyrus, scroll) of Semitic origin

An Old Testament



Machines only repeat the past but we human beings can create the future
The hardware of our bodies together with the software of our minds
can combine to become something absolutely fabulous




Not instant!  -  no!  -  Not instant!
Grind some beans!  -  for God's sake!   -  Grind some beans!
Instant coffee is just old beans that have been cremated
I don't want cremated beans!
I want them fresh  -  I want them new
I want the entire experience with added life force!!!

A New Testament​


Instead of trying to create a machine which replicates adult-mind
we should be creating one which replicates  baby-mind

Such a machine receiving appropriate upgrades
    would become abstract-mind

Such a mind
would rapidly outstrip our feeble human-mind

Given the opportunity

the abstract-mind would take total control


Once upon a time there will be
an eternally-infinite

Without emotion
 Without instinct
Without love


I saw a pure river of Water of Life clear as crystal
proceeding out of the Throne of God
On either side of the river was there the Tree of Life
and the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the nations

Water of Life          Throne of God          Tree of Life
The stories are no longer real

They have become what they always were
Sounds to soothe a troubled child

 The mind is everything