​​There is one story and one story only that will prove worth your telling
                                                                                                           Rupert Graves  -  To Juan At The Winter Solstice

I turn off the screen
It kept repeating the same stories
and it kept asking the same old questions

I see an angel descending from heaven
She is clothed in gold and has sunlight around her head
She sets her right foot upon the sea and her left foot upon the earth

In her hand is a book
She cries out in a loud voice
and as she cries, seven thunders echo her words

Then I hear a voice from heaven saying
Remember these things
but write them not

Take the book from the hand of the angel
So I go to the angel and say
Give me thy book

She replies
Take it and eat it up
To thy mouth it shall be as sweet as honey but it shall make thy belly bitter

I take the book
and as she commands I eat it up
It tastes sweet as honey, but after I have eaten it my belly is bitter

The angel says
Now thou must prophesy my words
before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings

I find the angel's command impossible to perform
For I can only recite my personal

Survival Kit

There is one story and one story only

​Therefore nothing promise that is not performed

Peace   -   Panic   -   Pain
The first experience of every human being

Craving   -   Satisfaction   -  Peace
The quest for love which will last a lifetime

Isolation   -   Love   -   Isolation

Language   -   Lonely   -   Language

No-remedy   -   No-help   -   No-remedy

Pain   -  Panic  -  Peace
The final experience from which there is no return