​​​Rattling the Cages

Cage 1

Cage 1

The Female Specimen

She has replicating DNA
She has learnt that she's alive
She has realised that she will die

She masturbates
She menstruates when fertile
She has grown fully functioning breasts

She produces eggs
She has internal sex organs
She is penetrated during the sex act

She squats to urinate
She is able to have babies
She has developed emotional survival skills

She possesses will power
She clings to infantile belief systems
She understands the world through an innate love

Cage 2
The Male Specimen

He has replicating DNA
He has learnt that he’s alive
He has realised that he will die

He masturbates
He cannot menstruate
He has underdeveloped breasts

He produces sperm
He has external sex organs
He penetrates the female during the sex act

He stands to urinate
He is incapable of having babies
He has developed physical survival skills

He possesses will power
He clings to infantile belief systems
He understands the world through an innate violence


Cage 3
The Mixed-gender Specimen

It has replicating DNA
It has learnt that it’s alive
It has realised that it will die

It masturbates
It menstruates occasionally
It has partly-developed breasts

It produces eggs and sperm
It possesses internal and external sex organs
It both penetrates and is penetrated during the sex act

It can urinate squatting or standing
Its pregnancies always end in miscarriage
It has both emotional and physical survival skills

It possesses will power
It clings to infantile belief systems
It finds it difficult to understanding the world

Cage 4
The Post-human Specimen

Without replicating DNA
Without an awareness of time
Without an awareness of space

Without volition
Without organic nature
Without emotional or physical survival skills

Without will power
Without an ability to believe or disbelieve
Without an ability to develop a human understanding


This theoretical cage is invisible
This theoretical cage will be theoretically empty
This theoretical cage will be theoretically beyond the conceptualising capacity of a human brain

Cage 5
The Mystery Specimen