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I listen to people
They drink their coffee
They share clear, confident opinions

They discuss the meaning of abstract thought
Their ways of comprehending the world
Their individual realities

I feel uncomfortable
I find it impossible to understand them
I am aware that something is happening to me

It's  arriving as an illness does
It's  not like an ordinary illness
Little by little I feel that my mind is dissolving

My ability to relate to others is disappearing
My memories are fading
I am changing

The seconds tick by
The minutes
The hours

Once  It  started
It  hasn’t moved   -   It has stayed quiet
At times I persuade myself that there's nothing the matter with me

But all the time I
is developing
Slowly and silently
Destroying me

To save myself
I try to make a record of my life
and capture from moment to moment what is happening

Everything - however small - must be preserved
For even though It may seem unimportant
Each image might prove to be the  …..

Am I looking for an answer, or a cure?
and could there be an answer?
Will there be a cure?

Or am I simply exhausted with being alive ?